Why Hire Me For Your Home Inspection?

21 years experience and  20,000 plus homes inspected

CABO and International Residential Code certified
(mandatory residential code in Georgia since 1991)

Inspected thousands of  older and new homes and construction phase inspections. Experience you need to inspect your future home.

I have testified as a professional witness in numerous cases.

I create easy to understand reports with color photos and an easy to read summary, that can be delivered  over the Internet to anywhere in the world within minutes of inspection completion. I use HomeGauge inspection software to generate a professional report with a password protected link for viewing your report. Your agent can also get a copy of the report via e-mail, this can save hours of your valuable time. A report that advises of problems and includes pictures of these problem areas.

My Qualifications

 County Chief Building Official (Retired)

21 years experience 
and  20,000plus homes inspected
CABO Certified #2738
(mandated code in Georgia since 1991)
IRC – International Residential Code Certified  #5187177-R5 (mandated code in Georgia since 2002) 

             Your Search for an Inspector can be confusing with all the title initials attached to an inspectors business card.        Listed below are BEST QUALIFICATIONS IN CHOOSING an INSPECTOR                   If you are buying a new home most builders require these qualificatons faxed to   them before an inspector is allowed on site and typically will not accept a report with out these qualifications.  

1– CABO CERTIFICATION (mandated CODE in Georgia 1991 to 002)

2– IRC – International Residential Code Ctification  (mandated CODE in Georgia 2002  to present)                                                           

3– GAHI membership (Georgia Association of Home Inspectors). The only assoction in the US that requires Mandated State CODE Certification for full membership, a required standard for inspection reporting, required continuing annual education to reamain a member and an educational training center that is second to none.